Our Art of the CEO Guest Alumni — those masters of the business community who have shared their knowledge and the tales of their accomplishments on our show. These are the People You Need to Know!

Laura Doherty

Laura Doherty’s idea of wedded bliss is to grab hubby’s hand and jet off to a ranch in Kenya, Africa to found a school for at risk boys in Baltimore. Today, as President/CEO of the Baltimore Curriculum Project, Laura serves…

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March 22, 2021 — Education’s Turn-around Expert: What’s Needed Now

Andrea Bartoli

Andrea Bartoli is the gentleman peace broker you turn to when warring factions must end their conflict or destroy the nation. A leader in the community of Sant’Egidio, Andrea has now formed the S.E. Foundation for Peace and Dialog to…

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February 8, 2021 — The Man Who Talks Nations Out of War

Jack and Rick Newcombe

Rick Newcombe had the utter nerve to launch Creators Syndicate in 1987 and insist that his client artists maintain control of their own material (breaking the syndication-ownership tradition set by William Randolph Hearst 80 years earlier.) Muscling through the controversy,…

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January 27, 2021 — Father & Son – Business Succession at its Best

Bruce Boyd

Bruce Boyd is the very model of how to launch and sustain and expand the modern social enterprise. Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, Bruce studied diligently, earned the grades to go to college, but never had the funds, so…

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January 14, 2021 — Youth Must Be Served – Here’s How

John Thompson

John Thompson turned down a scholarship to Julliard School of Music to launch his personal mission to improve the human community. Joining the Salvation Army he became commandant of its West Philadelphia sector, introducing a series of educational, housing and…

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January 31, 2022 — One Man’s Victory Over Gun Violence

Jonas Altman

Jonas Altman has looked at the way we work and says, “We can do it so much better – here’s how.”  Like every thoughtful entrepreneur carefully crafting a new product, Altman scours inventive ideas and practices from the around the…

Last heard on:
August 4, 2021 — Career Fulfillment: Reshaping Work Attitudes & Performance

Tosha Anderson

Tosha Anderson understands how best to arrange the necessary marriage of effective charitable services with the financial strategies that keep these beneficial works thriving. Founding CEO of The Charity CFO, Tosha helps all size non-profits uncover new funders, and set…

Last heard on:
September 29, 2020 — Charities’ Survival Guide in Covid Times