Father & Son – Business Succession at its Best

Father and Son team Rick & Jack Newcombe reveal how they have seamlessly shifted succession in their media/publishing firm, Creators, while pivoting to the massive market changes of print and ascending digital media. A fascinating tale.
Signmakers do not have a great call for signs reading “& Son” being added to company logos. But Rick and Jack Newcombe stand as the very model of making this generational shift seamlessly and simultaneously pivoting with massive market changes. In 1987 Rick Newcombe launched Creators Syndicate which he rapidly grew into the most prestigious print media syndication firm nationwide. Creators shared the talents of advice columnist Ann Landers to both Clintons and Wizard of Id comics, with thousands of papers and 44 million readers. Enter son Jack in 2009 who saw the downward of spiral print media and hooked Dad’s star talents into the digital media platforms – plus book publishing and more. Host Bart Jackson invites Creators.com CEO’s Jack and Rick on to share their story and wise example. And as an added feature, learn about the art and benefits of lifelong passion in his new book “The Magic of Lifting Weights.”

Father & Son – Business Succession at its Best

Guest: Jack and Rick Newcombe

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