Education’s Turn-around Expert: What’s Needed Now

Laura Doherty, President/CEO of the Baltimore Curriculum Project is the person you call when you want to take a failing school, with failing students, and turn it around into an enthusiastic temple of learning, filled with eager, achieving students. Host Bart Jackson invites Laura on board to share her business-like approach to this very human challenge. From developing a distinctive alphabet print format to make reading easier, to bringing faculty, parents, and community to bear on each school’s unique situation, Laura’s BCP team proves that public schools can and do work. Now, as schools struggle with the challenge of the Covid Crunch, and preparing for the post-Covid Catchup, Laura reveals what methods and mindsets will prove most effective. Tune in and pay attention, class – you are about to learn an educational strategy that not just for kids.

Education’s Turn-around Expert: What’s Needed Now

Guest: Laura Doherty

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