Charities’ Survival Guide in Covid Times

With 20 percent of America’s work force now jobless, and one in five businesses wondering if they’ll see 2021, donation-based charities have fallen on rocky times. And further, they are squeezed against the hard fact that the number people desperately seeking charitable aid are exploding exponentially. To shed a ray of practical hope, host Bart Jackson calls on guest Tosha Anderson, founder of The Charity CFO who expertly guides all-size non-profit enterprises toward organizational and financial health. Tosha discusses the structural shifts and new mindsets must leaders make to swim, not sink, in the Covid environment. Who are the new sources of revenue? What is the most effective approach to partnering with them? What are the new, multi-task requirements for staff and board members? And what new financial reporting tools can transform the one-time donor into a dedicated funder? Tune in and discover more effective strategies for growing your non-profit, or your for-profit organization.

Charities’ Survival Guide in Covid Times

Guest: Tosha Anderson

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