Business Just refuses to stand still

Illustration of the Art of the CEO book cover on the left, a lightening bolt in the middle, and a radio show microphone on the right.

When The Art of the CEO hit the stands in 2014, everybody loved the book, and everyone wanted more.  Readers began writing the author, Bart Jackson, asking if there was some way he could bring in more ideas and tips on certain subjects.  The many Contributing Authorities began calling with additional innovative strategies that kept coming to mind. Thus, in an attempt to keep the topics fresh, Bart Jackson, lifelong business journalist with an excellent face for radio, was dragged out into the airwaves, and The Art of the CEO Radio Show was born.

We began bringing aboard major business players as guests to share their wisdom – international business leaders, stock exchange traders, entrepreneurial wizards, and the like.  We soon realized that to deliver helpful business tools from all angles, we had to cast a wider net.  So we widened our guest line up and began inviting symphonic maestros, oyster fisherfolk, sculptors, winemakers, GPS Sirens and others with unique insights to shed a little entertainment and fuel for your career.  Just our way of keeping business alive and current for you.