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Each week The Art of the CEO Host Bart Jackson brings aboard the most entertaining and knowledgeable guests to help your business experience become a little more fulfilling and successful.  Amid a joyful atmosphere of business quips, quotes, and laughably witty banter, comes the real meat of sage business counsel.

Some of the guests are top CEOs like Wawa’s Howard Stoeckel and Business Hall of Famer Aldonna Ambler.  Other guests come from the far and fascinating corners of the leadership realm such as Maestro Jacques Lacombe, music director and conductor of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; Karen Jacobsen – the GPS Girl with a half billion listeners hanging on her every word; and Mr. Mel Duncan who leads unarmed peacekeepers into battle zones to halt the ravages of war.  And still others proffer their own unique brand of helpful expertise, such as Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator; Mary Mitchell, Reuter Columnist and reigning guru of business courtesy; and Alexandra Lajoux, National Association of Corporate Directors’ CKO.

From the moment that the authentic Nepalese Meditation Bowl kicks off each half-hour episode, right up to its parting-shot witticism, it is evident that this is not your serious, dry business show.  Original wry barbs from the host’s 101 Best Business Quips book, Bart’s Quill-Pen Moments, the CEO of Yourself note, and his contest to guess this week’s business quote’s author all add a convivial vibe.

So whether you are seeking aid with some business challenge – such as shipping engines from Minneapolis to Mongolia; fanning the fires of your career, or you would just like to catch the fascinating inner workings of those who enhance our lives – tune into The Art of the CEO.

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