photo of Bart Jackson What does it take to rise to your goal? To become CEO of Your Own Career – of Your Business? Host Bart Jackson, joined by the most fascinating and most helpful guests in business, bring you a lot of fun, humor, and vital counsel from proven masters. So pull up a chair – get informed, get entertained, and seize the wisdom.


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They’re Your words, why not have a little fun with them? Why not promote your language to Personal Creative Director dedicated to presenting your stellar ideas in ways that everyone will remember, repeat, and best of all, envy? Host Bart Jackson unleashes his own irrepressible (alas) tongue and fountains forth a cache of verbal tricks, clever phrasing techniques, and word-wise ammunition guaranteed to pack your speech with the power and attention even you believe it truly deserves. And as a gleeful dabble into word weaponry, Bart also offers a talon-sharp course on creative insults – including ultimate bullying putdowns. Good vengeful fun. Tune in and learn how to wreathe your thoughts with the power of lightning, rather than the flickering, forgotten glow of the lightning bug.

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