photo of Bart Jackson What does it take to rise to your goal? To become CEO of Your Own Career – of Your Business? Host Bart Jackson, joined by the most fascinating and most helpful guests in business, bring you a lot of fun, humor, and vital counsel from proven masters. So pull up a chair – get informed, get entertained, and seize the wisdom.


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Host Bart Jackson lays out practical methods for re-sculpting yourself into a multi-talented, renaissance businessperson – so you may best seize the opportunities in this wide-open post-covid market. Welcome to the wild west of post-plague hiring. The single-skilled job slot – tight workplace structures – even the old employee/contractor/consultant distinctions have been swept away. Victims of Covid. In their place, established firms now clawing their way back to profitable operations are looking for performance wizards. Those multi-skilled businesspeople who can reach across department lines and do what it takes to get the product made, marketed, and sold. Host Bart Jackson lays out practical methods for shifting your presentation from skill sets to results architect. He also lays out plans for you to profitably partner your talents with the flood of over 5 million businesses launched in 2022. Tune in and learn how to re-sculpt yourself into a renaissance businessperson and best seize the opportunities in this wide-open post-covid market.

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  • When you’re young, you know you’re an idiot because you have parents.  When you grow up, a spouse provides that reassurance.  Perhaps that’s why all parents want so desperately to see their offspring married. 

    Afterthought.  ‘Tis good to have someone who keeps you on track. Just make sure that it’s the track taking you to the destination you want to reach.

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