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Brian Todd, food industry’s top consultant and former President of The Food Institute, lays bare the full picture of our food chain – what the fascinating solutions are/will be – and what consumers should expect. A dramatic revelation. Have you dined out lately? When it comes to the slamming blow dealt by the Covid pandemic, the food industry stands in the top three hardest hit. Restaurants completely shutdown indefinitely; farmers forced to dump unsold crops while charities scrabble to erect food chains to the hungry; meat packing plants turned into infectious hotspots, and on and on. Host Bart Jackson brings the nation’s top food industry expert and former CEO/President of the Food Institute, Mr. Brian Todd to lay out the entire spectrum of the challenge. Honestly - how bad is it now? Is America ever going to be able to feed itself again? Will we get back – or if not back – what will be the new forward? Brian Todd shares the with us the current paving steps on the road toward food industry recovery, and what adaptations will be required to make this breadbasket nation meet the global food needs. Tune in and learn how you will be food shopping and dining in the future.

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  • Vision that engages only the imagination is fantasy.  Vision that also engages the back and brain is called business.

    Afterthought: The surest way to inspire people to place their shoulders, sweat, and effort behind your marvelous new plan is to make sure that a) it holds some reward for them personally, and b) make darn sure it really is achievable.


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