photo of Bart Jackson What does it take to rise to your goal? To become CEO of Your Own Career – of Your Business? Host Bart Jackson, joined by the most fascinating and most helpful guests in business, bring you a lot of fun, humor, and vital counsel from proven masters. So pull up a chair – get informed, get entertained, and seize the wisdom.


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Host Bart Jackson celebrates The Art of the CEO’s 300th episode anniversary with a jovial recounting his guests’ cleverest, and most memorable moments. Welcome to the Art of the CEO’s 300th Anniversary show. Would you like to hear the wisdom of a seventh-generation oyster fisherman – how the archeologist of the world’s most successful pirate’s sunken ship is amassing another fortune – how to emulate the entrepreneur who exploded with a thousand sales in one day – before he even had a product – the funniest repartee ever made by an IP attorney? Host Bart Jackson has culled the most hilarious and helpful moments, along with wisest counsel from the hundreds of guests gracing our studios. This tri-centennial episode distills the essence of our best, and fondly recalls the fun. Tune in and learn from the nation’s top negotiator how President Donald Trump reveals his fears by inadvertent bits of body language.

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  • Vision that engages only the imagination is fantasy.  Vision that also engages the back and brain is called business.

    Afterthought: The surest way to inspire people to place their shoulders, sweat, and effort behind your marvelous new plan is to make sure that a) it holds some reward for them personally, and b) make darn sure it really is achievable.


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