photo of Bart Jackson What does it take to rise to your goal? To become CEO of Your Own Career – of Your Business? Host Bart Jackson, joined by the most fascinating and most helpful guests in business, bring you a lot of fun, humor, and vital counsel from proven masters. So pull up a chair – get informed, get entertained, and seize the wisdom.


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It doesn’t matter who signs the paycheck or who owns the company. An entrepreneur is that businessperson who employs all her skills, creative sweat, and inventive ideas to launch something new – and improved – and constantly improving. Entrepreneurial employees are the ones who devote their energies to the whole firm’s mission, help all their coworkers, and get promoted – and maybe leave to start their own enterprises. Host Bart Jackson rolls out true biz tales of such salaried entrepreneurs as mentoring examples. You’ll discover strategies for understanding the entire company’s process – turning customers and coworkers into allies – getting your ideas accepted – and make yourself a valued company asset. Tune in and learn how to rise out of wage slavery up into career fulfillment. Host Bart Jackson spins a series of true biz tales of high-rising employees who approached their salaried jobs as entrepreneurs – offering you guidance out of wage slavery into career fulfillment.

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  • When you’re young, you know you’re an idiot because you have parents.  When you grow up, a spouse provides that reassurance.  Perhaps that’s why all parents want so desperately to see their offspring married. 

    Afterthought.  ‘Tis good to have someone who keeps you on track. Just make sure that it’s the track taking you to the destination you want to reach.

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