As we do on every Art of the CEO show, allow us to remind you that the Good Lord has gifted you with the title and privileges of Chief Executive Officer of Yourself – And that, my friend, is the most important position you will ever hold in your career.

How are you doing as CEO of Yourself? We invite you to take this quiz….and ponder.

  1. On most days, do you:
    A. Weave your daily plans with the thread of your dreams – and keep sight of that rich fabric of your goals?
    OR B. Adjust your daily routine around the mandates of your “To Do” list?
  2. Have you within the past month:
    A. Remembered those who have helped you along your career path and perhaps stretch out your own helping hand or proffered a touch of reciprocal gratitude?
    OR B. Just shrugged off such thoughts and just plowed down to business?
  3. Have you this year:
    A. Dusted off the notes for that really risky venture? (You know the one – skydiving, launching that consulting startup.) Have you strapped on your confidence and sketched out a few first steps to make it happen?
    OR B. Just reminded yourself, “Hey, I’m a little too busy putting out today’s fires.”?
  4. As you periodically examine your personal principles and innermost beliefs,
    A. Do you see them as concepts you have individually forged and adjusted to create a life code?
    OR B. Are these guiding principles a pre-packaged body you’ve swallowed unquestioningly from some external institution?
  5. This day – do you honestly judge your success
    A. By how far your achievements have carried you toward your own established goals?
    OR B. By comparing your rank and salary to those of your age doing similar work?
  6. Have you anytime this year
    A. Examined your mental board of directors – e.g. a parent, hero, perhaps a mentor and other individuals in your mind who judge and nudge your life’s decisions? Have you found the courage to fire a negative director?
    OR B. Do you allow the influencers of times past to still hold sway?
  7. Since your last birthday, have you
    A. cultivated some new skill that would bring you fulfillment & fun?
    OR B. Blown out the candles and wished you were somewhere else?
  8. When it comes time for a career change
    A. Do see yourself as offering your manifold services to the fortunate employer.
    OR B. Are you just looking for a job?

For each answer you were able to honestly answer A., congrartulate yourself as as a good chief executive officer. Check back later for further quiz questions.

And remember, In each case, my friend, the choice is truly yours.