The Man Who Talks Nations Out of War

Conflict: everyone wants it resolved first, in here/his own favor – and peacefully, if possible. Everyone except Dr. Andrea Bartoli, international peace negotiator who with amazing success brings warring factions to the table and hammers out solutions with peace as the primary aim. As a leader in the Christian lay community, Sant’Egidio and founder of the Center for International Conflict Resolution, Bartoli is the man divided nations such as South Sudan, East Timor, Poland, and others call upon to settle their dangerous differences. Host Bart Jackson invites Andrea on board to share his sought-after conflict-resolution techniques, and provide some insights how the U.S. needs to handle its destructive divisions. Tune in and discover from the master a more effective way to get what you want at work, home, and all aspects of our lives.

The Man Who Talks Nations Out of War

Guest: Andrea Bartoli

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