Our Art of the CEO Guest Alumni — those masters of the business community who have shared their knowledge and the tales of their accomplishments on our show. These are the People You Need to Know!

Emily Liu

Emily Liu knows what you’ll be wearing next year – and why.  For the past two decades, Emily has been guiding, selling, and designing the world of fashion around the globe.  Emily launched her career in Tai Wan establishing individual…

Last heard on:
September 18, 2017 — Fashion – Why Everyone’s Lookin’ Good

Amy Vazques

Amy Vazques is the attorney who distills the complex meanderings of employment law into simple, practical truths – and then with a smile offers several innovative, profitable options.  For the better part of two decades Amy has been unraveling the…

Last heard on:
October 25, 2016 — Fair Labor Standards Act – On Your Doorstep Dec. 1st

Eileen Xethalis

Eileen Xethalis is the troubleshooter mid-size and major firms call upon to innovate new bank accounting methods, new investment strategies for struggling non-profits, and all that firms gnarliest problems.  After 11 years as Director of CFO Consulting Partners, Inc. where…

Last heard on:
December 11, 2017 — Accounting – The Gold You Leave Behind

Photo of Thomas Bakewell

Thomas Bakewell

Over the past 30 years, Thomas Bakewell has advised and directed CEO’s and presidents of large for profit and nonprofit corporations. His vast board experience has made him a leader and a go-to-source in board governance and strategic development. His industry experience…

Last heard on:
August 22, 2016 — New Hands on the Helm – Boardrooms’ Changing Course

Don Slaght

Don Slaght is the visionary example of Charles Darwin’s theory that survival goes to those most adaptable to their environment. Managing Principal of Hollston Realty Group in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Don guided investors deftly through the risky but…

Last heard on:
July 30, 2017 — Opportunity – Rising From the Ruins of Hurricane Sandy

Photo of Bart Jackson

Bart Jackson

Bart as globe-trotting journalist has written literally thousands of magazine articles which bring fascinating individuals and places to light worldwide. He has authored a dozen books ranging from The Art of the CEO, So That’s How They Do It! Behind…

Last heard on:
April 29, 2023 — The Post-Covid Career Opportunity Boom

John Maxwell

John Maxwell was a mere seven years when his father tied him to the mast and set him to sorting the freshly dredged oysters as they came up onto the deck. For 160 years, harvesting shellfish and the sea’s bounty…

Last heard on:
July 26, 2016 — Six Generations At Sea

Dr. Carmen Simon

Dr. Carmen Simon knows what it takes to get those little grey cells of your audience working, remembering, and deciding in the way you want them to.   A renowned cognitive neuroscientist, Carmen is the cofounder and brains behind Rexi Media…

Last heard on:
January 17, 2018 — Corporate Messages That Mark Your Mind

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Carol Gabel

Carol Gabel originally earned her “matchmaking guru” handle when she headed up business development for the New Jersey, then Delaware chambers of commerce.  As her abilities and in-brain Rolodex grew, the title stuck.  Carol is a born business developer who instinctively…

Last heard on:
March 7, 2016 — The Vet Benefit: Compliance, Skills, & Money on the Table