Gaining Awareness – Mental Leaps from Practical Meditation

Meditative Guide Chris von Hassett leads you on a practical journey to discover the fullness of your own mind and re-emerge into your daily world with a greater sense of power, potential and a lot more joy.
There can be little argument: your mind is the most powerful, yet least explored personal asset under your care.  It embraces that mysterious bundle of synapses, the storehouse of experiences, the near-limitless panoply of driving emotional responses – and, of course, the Self – that nebulously defined essence that is both with and apart from all it beholds.  Author Chris von Hassett’s Entering Your Mind meditatively guides you on a practical journey, helping you recognize the wondrous fullness of your own mind in its natural state.   The road he offers, Dzogchen practice, is an old and proven one, born in Tibet, and modified to suit our current bizarre lifestyles.  Host Bart Jackson brings Chris on air to share his methods of growing the understanding and immense potential of our own minds.  Tune in and learn how to tear away the boxes of society’s concepts which hamper the freedom of our minds, and so many parts of our lives.

Gaining Awareness – Mental Leaps from Practical Meditation

Guest: C von Hassett

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