Career Fulfillment: Reshaping Work Attitudes & Performance

Do you cross your workplace threshold, shouldering a crushing load of judgment, posturing, competition, politics, and trying to meet other people’s goals? Alas, that puts you in the majority. But you deserve a lot better and noted coach Jonas Altman lays out a pathway that will lead will lead you toward a more fulfilling and productive approach to work. Author of bestselling Shapers – Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future, Altman explodes the old myths of society’s work attitudes and helps you design your own. The whole concept of why we work and what we expect from our job/career has exponentially evolved just within this past decade. Tune in and discover how much more than your daily bread you can be gaining from your place of work.

Career Fulfillment: Reshaping Work Attitudes & Performance

Guest: Jonas Altman

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