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The Man Who Talks Nations Out of War

Conflict: everyone wants it resolved first, in here/his own favor – and peacefully, if possible. Everyone except Dr. Andrea Bartoli, international peace negotiator who with amazing success brings warring factions to the table and hammers out solutions with peace as…

Father & Son – Business Succession at its Best

Father and Son team Rick & Jack Newcombe reveal how they have seamlessly shifted succession in their media/publishing firm, Creators, while pivoting to the massive market changes of print and ascending digital media. A fascinating tale. Signmakers do not have…

Youth Must Be Served – Here’s How

Inner-city, socially disadvantaged young people – government says they need computers. Schools say they need college. But Trenton NJ-based serial social entrepreneur Bruce Boyd is wiser. Bruce knows the need is to cultivate character, and to expose them to the…

One Man’s Victory Over Gun Violence

Social entrepreneur John Thompson reduced gun violence 86% in Yonkers by creating his multi-faceted SNUG Program. How did he enlist gang members and reform shooters? Listen and be amazed.