Winepreneurs, Legendary Winery Tours & Savoring Liquid Assets

American Wine Society Director Dr. Gary Pavlis explains why U.S. wines have exploded in quality & popularity, plus the delicate, delightful art of launching a winery.
Both the enjoyment and business of wine have exploded across the U.S. Every state in the Union boasts several wineries and for most, it is their fastest expanding form of agriculture. America’s consumption and its appreciative sophistication continue to hit all time highs. Host Bart Jackson sits and sips with American Wine Society director Dr. Gary Pavlis as they discuss the reasons and the trends behind this industry’s growth. Taking us out into the vineyard, Gary explains how the finest vintages are crafted in the field, what distinguishes a winery of renown, what high tech implements are boosting yields, bettering blends, and saving arduous labor. Stepping up to the tasting table, Gary lays out ways to more enjoyably savor and broaden your wine horizons. And for the would-be winepreneur, here is your opportunity to learn the optimum plan, pitfalls, and potential profits of winery launching. Tune in and see if a wine tour of Tuscany is the vacation you truly deserve.

Winepreneurs, Legendary Winery Tours & Savoring Liquid Assets

Guest: Gary Pavlis

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