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Photo of Illise Benun

The Marketing You’re Missing – Revealed by Ilise Benun

Get more and better clients with Ilise Benun’s better marketing tips & tactics. Simple and profitable as that. With truly effective marketing, sales is tough business; but without it, sales just don’t happen. Host Bart Jackson shares the studio with…

Photo of Mel Duncan

Power of Peace – The Unarmed Heroes who Face Down War Mel Duncan

Imagine you are standing unarmed as a hoard of trigger-ready soldiers strides into your peaceful town hell-bent on destruction. Could you protect the citizens?  What would you do?  Host Bart Jackson’s guest Mel Duncan, founder of The Nonviolent Peaceforce not…

Photo of Jeanne Murphy

Elf Talk – Santa’s Secret Preparations with Jeanne Murphy

Santa’s head elf reveals: How St. Nick handles the Holiday Crunch! As the Christmas Countdown nears, Santa Inc.’s preparations are nearing a fiery frenzy.  Host Bart Jackson, at great expense, has flown in Santa Claus’ Head Elf, Jeanne, to reveal…

Photo of Genevia Fulbright

How Boardroom Diversity Benefits Minds

Host Bart Jackson invites Genevia Gee Fulbright, former member of several corporate boards including a bank and mutual fund to discuss why a company needs diversity of experience and expertise among its board members – and how CEOs can help encourage…