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Photo of Sharon Mahn

Shopping for CEOs – What Top Talent Scouts Seek Ms. Sharon Mahn

When top business talent recruiters scour the globe for just the right CEO, where do they search? What are they hunting for? What do they employ as bait?  Host Bart Jackson and his featured guest Sharon Mahn, master recruiter for Fortune…

Photo of Bart Jackson

The Art of The CEO Radio Anniversary

In celebration of our 1st anniversary of The Art of The Ceo radio show on I thank all of my listeners and talented guests. 2015 is full of more exciting weekly shows and I invite you to visit, listen…

Photo of Howard Stoeckel

The Wizardry of Wawa

It is one thing to set up a chain of convenience stores. It is quite another to create 651 stores along the East coast that are intimate, a daily routine destination, and habit forming for millions of extrodinarily loyal customers.…

Photo of James Burke

Challenging and Marketing the Deep Sea

Marketing a documentary film, as every cinemagraphic producer knows, rivals explorer James Cameron’s seven-mile plunge into the oceans darkest depths. In both cases, you have no idea how vast is the void you are getting into. Host Bart Jackson brings…

Photo of Larry Sharrott

The Risky Business of Wine

Wine may be bottled poetry and elegant joy, but it stands as one of the toughest business operations to bring to fruition. In celebration of harvest time and New Jersey Wine Week, host Bart Jackson invites Larry Sharrott, president of…