The Risky Business of Wine

Photo of Larry Sharrott

Wine may be bottled poetry and elegant joy, but it stands as one of the toughest business operations to bring to fruition. In celebration of harvest time and New Jersey Wine Week, host Bart Jackson invites Larry Sharrott, president of the Garden State Winegrowers Association and owner of Sharrott Winery to discuss the business side of titilating your palate. Winemaking is regulated heavily by the hand of law, blessed by the god Bacchus, and, often as not, cursed by winds of fate and weather. New Jersey vintners have been steadily advancing the overdue respect for Garden State wines – an amazingly clever tale of branding. Tune in and learn how farmers survive and thrive making the beverage the whole globe enjoys.

The Risky Business of Wine

Guest: Larry Sharrott

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