The Wizardry of Wawa

Photo of Howard Stoeckel

It is one thing to set up a chain of convenience stores. It is quite another to create 651 stores along the East coast that are intimate, a daily routine destination, and habit forming for millions of extrodinarily loyal customers. Host Bart Jackson invites former CEO and current Vice-board Chair Howard Stoeckel to explain exactly how Wawa (which means Canada in Objibwe) generates a family-like spirit among its employees and affection from its clients. Imagine having your two best-selling items coming from, and being implemented by, folks behind the counter, while senior management supports the innovations. Forget all the buzzwords and lip-service, if you want to really learn how getting deeply personal has fostered success in this major corporation, tune in and take note.

The Wizardry of Wawa

Guest: Howard Stoeckel

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