Challenging and Marketing the Deep Sea

Photo of James Burke

Marketing a documentary film, as every cinemagraphic producer knows, rivals explorer James Cameron’s seven-mile plunge into the oceans darkest depths. In both cases, you have no idea how vast is the void you are getting into. Host Bart Jackson brings aboard producer of the newly released “James Cameron’s Deep Sea Challenge” Mr. James Burke, who has managed already to bring to light record numbers of viewers. Burke and his company Disruptive LA have revolutionized the independent film industry with a completely innovative marketing strategy that is both scientifically based and incredibly interactive. As a film fan, you will want to learn about Burke’s latest production. As anyone who has ever tried to bring a product to market, you need to catch a taste of Mr. Burke’s groundbreaking methods. You definitely want to tune in and invest in this show.

Challenging and Marketing the Deep Sea

Guest: James Burke

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