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The Entrepreneurial Employee

Host Bart Jackson spins a series of true biz tales of high-rising employees who approached their salaried jobs as entrepreneurs – offering you guidance out of wage slavery into career fulfillment.

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Time to Colorize Your Language

They’re Your words, why not have a little fun with them? Why not promote your language to Personal Creative Director dedicated to presenting your stellar ideas in ways that everyone will remember, repeat, and best of all, envy? Host Bart…

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Becoming a Zoom Meister – Yes, You Can

Bart Jackson jovially scrutinizes all aspects of video conferencing, and lays out an insightful, easy-to-install plan for transforming you from Zoomaphobic into a master of video opportunities – with fun.

One Man’s Victory Over Gun Violence

How would you form an enterprise to combat gun violence in your home city? John Thompson, witnessing 26 shootings in 27 days in Yonkers, formed the SNUG program (guns in reverse) that reduced shooting crimes by 86 percent in his…

IP- Protecting Your Brain Children

Can you as entrepreneur defend your invention against mega-competitor encroachment? Can you accidently infringe your own trademark? When you purchase a masterwork of art, what rights do you – and don’t you own? Host Bart Jackson brings on board intellectual…

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Impossible People How to Fix’em or Nix’ em

They are in your face all the time: those poisonous personalities who torpedo the team, undermine your achievement, and take the fun & profit out of your workday. How do you handle or just plain squash these toxic folks? Host…

Winepreneurs, Legendary Winery Tours & Savoring Liquid Assets

American Wine Society Director Dr. Gary Pavlis explains why U.S. wines have exploded in quality & popularity, plus the delicate, delightful art of launching a winery. Both the enjoyment and business of wine have exploded across the U.S. Every state…

Our Best Clean Energy Hope – The Inventor – The invention

Key Han has done it – no more dams, no polluting smoke – just 30 years of sweat and genius to produce this revolutionary, vital energy solution. By inventing submerged turbines that churn unseen on river and ocean beds, Key…