Becoming a Zoom Meister – Yes, You Can

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Bart Jackson jovially scrutinizes all aspects of video conferencing, and lays out an insightful, easy-to-install plan for transforming you from Zoomaphobic into a master of video opportunities – with fun.
Does the very word “Virtual” make you wince? Are you sick of trying to make your face look awake online? Boy, have we got the solutions for you. Host Bart Jackson with a little laughter and a lot of insight lays out the entire video conferencing experience and how you may master it – have fun – and ferret out all the opportunities.
From selecting a provider, right up to developing your final sign-off line, Bart lays out the strategies, tips and techniques that will show you and your priceless ideas to their best advantage. This show covers everything from setting a backdrop, to handling blowhards, to the art of active listening – even a brief Zoom Manners Guide (drinking – Yes; eating and dozing off – No.) Tune in and discover why video conferencing is here to stay – except for choral singing.

Becoming a Zoom Meister – Yes, You Can

Guest: Bart Jackson

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