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Photo of Jamie Raskulinecz

Join the Crowd Funds – Myths & Pitfalls

Noted Financial Mentor Jaime Raskulinecz gives the real low down on the ever-expanding arena of Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is no longer an adventurous backing of the bizarre project. Various venues now accommodate venture capitalists, angel investors, equity investors, as well as…

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The Deal Jungle – Life on the Trading Floor with Kevin Menture

The magic that makes and breaks fortunes bubbles madly on the cauldron of the stock exchange trading floor. Host Bart Jackson invites veteran direct access trader Kevin Menture to lay bare the mystique and describe how the traders come out…

Photo of Kenneth Kamen

The Internet: The Most Dangerous Source of Financial Advice

Data is not wisdom. Today’s internet allows us to get more fiscal data, accompanied by a truly overwhelming amount of advice. But is this “news” based on agendas that bear no relation to wisely investing your hard-earned dollars? Host Bart…

Photo of Martin Shenkman

Tales of Estate Planning – Lessons from Experience

Hear the one about the guy who left his business to his brother-in-law’s niece, without knowing it?  The difference between the overwhelming complexities of estate law and astrophysics is that you truly do hold the opportunity to take control of…

Photo of Martin Shenkman

Avoiding Oops! in Your Estate Planning

Forget all the tried and true tactics of estate planning your advisors formerly told you.  Under the new laws, these practices could be slitting your fiscal throat.  Host Bart Jackson invites Martin Shenkman, CPA, attorney, and one of the nation’s…

Photo of Ray Felton

The Art of the Friendly Merger – Acquiring or Selling a Business

Selling that enterprise you have laboriously raised from a mere idea – purchasing that firm with your last available dollar and a prayer….M&A is the most emotionally charged business undertaking you’ll ever make. It is also the most demanding. Host…