Art, Beauty & the Wolf at the Door

How does one be a successful sculptor in this cash-only-concerned world?  Host Bart Jackson invites on globally famed sculptor Gyuri Hollosy to explain the commercial side of being an artistic creator in today’s economy.  And, as author of the markedly insightful Voices in an Artists Head, Gyrui delves deeply into that artistic mindset that we all possess, but fail to employ to its best advantage.  Are you using your emotions in a way that brings joy and sparks creativity?  Are you bringing a spiritual assessment into you business and into your staff to determine the fullest value?  Tune in and learn how much of the penetrating artistic perspective we all possess within us – and how much we need to cultivate and set it to work for our own benefit.

Art, Beauty & the Wolf at the Door

Guest: Gyuri Hollosy

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