Laurie Blazek and Dr. George Watts

Laurie Blazek and her beloved husband Dr. George Watts insist that success does not come by imitating the habits, personality, or hairstyle of previous high achievers. Rather through their new TopLine Talent Coaching program, George and Laurie guide you through a pathway of personal growth, and developing a career/business synergistically fed by and feeding your innate personal strengths. In short: you possess all the tools you need – discover and employ them. The program is a marriage of TLT Coaching’s Chair George’s behavioral research and TLT Coaching’s CEO Laurie’s hard line business experience. Following their extensive and wildly acclaimed TLT Coaching tour in India, they are bringing their program home to the U.S.

Laurie has over twenty-five years of consultative selling and leadership experience as a Managing & Executive Director for several large multinational banks. As a coach and trainer, she focuses on personal branding – helping people think accurately about their unique personality strengths and how to find the right platform to exploit them.

George wrote his psychology doctoral dissertation on how children may be trained to believe in themselves. Now his principles and clients have matured he still carries the message of growth by unleashing your personal strengths. For eight years George hosted The Business Doctor radio show in Chicago. He has authored Becoming Your Own Business Coach and Becoming a Strategic Leader, volumes that combine his scientific analysis with his experience as entrepreneur and CEO.

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Here’s To Your Noble Self – Growing Your Prime Asset

Laurie Blazek and Dr. George Watts

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