Here’s To Your Noble Self – Growing Your Prime Asset

Your unique personality, just as you have it right now, is all you require to lead, expand your firm, and reach your own career goals. Forget all those success mongers who seek to transform you into some cookie-cutter image of previous high achievers. Under the banner of Grow – Don’t Change, psychologist Dr. George Watt and his fiscal wizard partner Laurie Blazek have founded Top Line Talent Coaching that sets you on the path to discovering your strengths and employing them most profitably. Host Bart Jackson invites on both George and Laurie to discuss their process for realizing your innate personality, how to brand yourself as a leader, and develop an action plan based on the powers you’ve probably been neglecting. Also, they lay out some tactics for maneuvering those downside-aspects of your person that could set your business off course. Tune in and learn how to make the most of what you’ve got, from a husband and wife team that know what it takes.

Here’s To Your Noble Self – Growing Your Prime Asset

Guest: Dr. George Watts

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