Why The Top Talent Want Sharon

Photo of Sharon Mahn

Nobody does it Like Sharon Mahn.  When the Fortune 500 seeks new leaders, they enlist Sharon Mahn. All the top executive and legal talent strive to be on her call list. Meanwhile, she hits all the most exciting high life in the globe’s most vibrant city (Manhattan, of course) and draws all the most sought-after business luminaries into the fun.  Host Bart Jackson invites Sharon on to reveal how she distinguishes herself and remains at the pinnacle of the talent recruitment heap. Want to make yourself known as the go-to person in your field?  Want to have your reputation make that long-deserved, meteoric rise – all the while having more excitement and fun the way Sharon Mahn does?  Tune in and give your career a boost.

Why The Top Talent Want Sharon

Guest: Sharon Mahn

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