Telecommuting – Biggest Blunders, Cleverest Strategies

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Bart Jackson rolls out a groaning board filled with effective tactics for those working remotely – and those managing teams of remote workers. Our favorite strategy? Mark Twain’s time management solution.
How do you work when the old office disappears? You reach into your inventive imagination and create new ways to reach out. Host Bart Jackson brings forth a broad-ranging Remote Work vision designed to help you master this new freedom and seize the opportunities. With an entrepreneurial approach, Bart guides you through home and mobile office setup; managing the oceans of unstructured time; building bonds and communication flows, and even the art of remotely feeding your personal ambitions. Executives also are proffered effective methods for efficiently achieving unity from afar. Tune in and discover how to keep business personal and fun from wherever you are participating.

Telecommuting – Biggest Blunders, Cleverest Strategies

Guest: Bart Jackson

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