Mythic Heroes for Today’s Business World

Which is your better bet? Drawing your inspiration and role models from today’s latest, fleeting tweet – or from a mythic heroine/hero whose tales reach across the millennia and still fill millions with wisdom? Get set for some fun. Host Bart Jackson joins award-winning author Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan, who has penned “Legends of the Grail – Stories of Celtic Goddesses” and “Heroines of Avalon,” to discover the truths which we still quest after today. Together, they examine specific business challenges and journey back to into the enchanting myths of eld to find solutions. Sharing the deep well of Celtic heroines and divinities, Ayn proffers guidance for businesswomen, while Bart, attempting some gender balance, turns to the lore of the ancient Greeks and their heroes for answers. What wisdom lies in the souls and stories.

Mythic Heroes for Today’s Business World

Guest: Ayn Cates Sullivan

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