Arena: The Fun & Profit of America’s Sports Stadiums

America’s sports stadiums stand as temples of community, of commerce, and as revealing mirrors that lays bare our cultural soul – warts and all.  And no one knows these monumental enigma more intimately than author Rafi Kohan.  After a yearlong exploratory pilgrimage to scores of stadiums, Rafi has penned the best-selling Arena which tunnels deeply into the very guts of the structure and the peoples who make it work.  Host Bart Jackson queries Rafi about the ticket scalpers, fanatical tailgaters, the allure of the stadium bathroom, the half-time stars, the moneymakers – even the folks who grow the fields of turf.  Tune in and be fascinated, while you gain a new perspective on who we are and what we dream.

Arena: The Fun & Profit of America’s Sports Stadiums

Guest: Rafi Kohan

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