Keeping the Leader’s Vision Alive & Current

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Every Leader needs to set his own navigational vision on the team. But visions etched forever in stone, like pyramids, house only the dead. Host Bart Jackson brings on guest James daSilva, Editor of SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership, to give us all some strategies for crafting a vision, instilling it solidly in the team’s minds, and adjusting it to fit corporate reality. As a veteran business journalist, James holds a vast knowledge of what it takes to plan your team’s or company’s course, and how you can communicate this vision with verve to the crew on whom you depend. If you want to get a better message across more effectively, this is a show that will provide you with the needed tools. Tune in, learn a bit, and have some fun.

Keeping the Leader’s Vision Alive & Current

Guest: James deSilva

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