From Hopeful Boys to Powerful Men

Last night in Trenton NJ’s Prospect Village Project’s community hall, Bart joined the huddle of about 25 middle and high school boys and ten mentoring adults as we joined hands and cheered “Reclaim Our Boys – Yea.” The group of the same name was founded by the tough, charismatic Bruce Boyd, had decided, “Enough is enough – we’ve got to get our boys away from the destructive influences, and back on the paths to finding their own great potential.” Last nights’ meeting marked the first anniversary – Reclaim Our Boys’ 52nd Thursday, 7 p.m. meeting in this hall. Part of the meeting included a documentary on black racial stereotypes in the movies, featuring the ground-breaking roles of Harry Bellefonte, Sidney Poitier, and Spike Lee. But the real action came when Bruce turned to the young men and asked them if they saw the stereotypes society had carved out for them – and asked how they felt effected by this propaganda. Bart & Bruce are laying plans to use CEO of Yourself as a guidebook for his organization and local schools.
Every revolution begins with one person. Prometheus’ light shines on.
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– Bart

From Hopeful Boys to Powerful Men

Guest: Laura Doherty


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