Sheldon Himelfarb

Sheldon Himelfarb….The tools are technology, media, data, and human creativity. The project under construction is peace. The

passionate architect and general contractor is Sheldon Himelfarb, founder & CEO of PeaceTech Lab, a Washington D.C.- based nonprofit celebrating its fifth year, with a reach that spans the globe. Under its flagship program, PeaceTech Exchange (PTX), technologists join forces with tech companies and civil society organizations to train local peacebuilders in making life-saving impacts.

Ranging from Kazakstan to Uganda, the PTX team thus far has trained over 1,300 organizations in 16 countries on how to use tech tools to reduce violent conflict.  Its PeaceTech Accelerator has graduated 36 startups worldwide that innovatively employ technology to disrupt cycles of violence. The Lab’s Hate Speech Program exploits AI and machine learning to develop its original hate speech lexicons, now shared with community organizationsand mainstream social media companies to combat and stop online hate speech.

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Sheldon Himelfarb

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