Sally Glick

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Sally Glick goes straight for the quality and performance.  No one knows better than Sally that marketing accountants is tough. Yes, accountants are vital.  They manage money – the blessed sap of business which makes all things possible.  But for the most part, accountants form a background engine with darn little limelight.  So as head of marketing for Sobel & Company accounting firm Sally nixes fanfare and ostrich feathers, and goes straight for the value her CPA team offers.  And with grace, charm and seeming ease she has made Sobel one of the most sought-after in her region.

Recently, Sally has turned her limitless fount of ideas and energy toward the Presidency of the Association for Corporate Growth, New Jersey.  Stepping into the very large wingtips of chapter founder Mark Kuehn, Sally has admirably marketed the value of this business leaders’ forum serving the M&A and equity investment community.  Under her leadership, ACG-NJ membership has increased and the organization has become noted for bringing in the highest level speakers.  In short, Sally Glick has built a well-earned reputation for quality.

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Sally Glick

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