Kevin Menture

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Kevin Menture is the man who makes the deals that make the fortunes for the major players on the floor of the New York Stock exchange.  As a direct access sales trader, Kevin shoulders responsibility for moving million-share lots and maneuvering the best possible price.  His direct-access status sets him as one of the floor trading elite, armed with the privilege of bypassing mid-level traders and negotiating directly with stock specialists, face to face.

When an established mutual or hedge fund manager is considering taking a $100 million position with McDonald’s Corporation (ticker symbol MCD) or General Electric (ticker symbol GE,) he calls Kevin to “get the feel of the floor.”  Here’s where 20 years trading savvy kick in.  Kevin walks around, makes a few calls, and chats with old trading friends.  Then, with a special blend of experience-cum-wizardry, he reports on the overall interest, action, and desire for the company in question.

Though many of the trading functions of the market have gone digital, Kevin Menture stands as living testimony that the most profitable tool in the stock exchange still remains its people.

And what inspires the exchange’s major players to massively buy or sell a company?  “Over all my years and thousands of trades,” Kevin asserts, “the primary concern for those institutional investors when scrutinizing a company is its management.”  Products and hot trends may come and go, but the captain and crew are truly what keep the ship afloat.  Proof once more that all business is personal.

Kevin Menture

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