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Karen Jacobsen is the GPS Girl to whom nearly a half billion directional device owners depend to tell them just where to get off and when to Recalculate.  This in itself is enough to catapult a young woman into celebrity status, but Karen has a lot more to contribute than mere global positioning.  Using her natural gift and experiential insights for self-improvement, has charted an effective street guide for resculpting one’s life toward the desired destination.

A sought-after speaker, Karen is a frequent guest on TV and chosen as a corporate keynote, enlightening audiences on how to “Recalculate and Drive Your Performance.”  Also a talented singer and concert performer, Karen entertainingly presents these themes to listeners interspersed with song and piano selections.  ‘Tis about time business/life wisdom was presented with a little fun.  Karen’s latest achievement?  The release of her newest album Destination Christmas.  Trust me, you do not want to miss hearing Ms. Jacobsen sing Santa Baby – it is a destination in itself.

You may learn more about Karen by visiting www.TheGPSGirl.com.

Karen Jacobsen

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