Impossible People – Nixing ‘em, Fixing ‘em

Photo of Bart Jackson

You know who they are: that bullying boss – the obsessive critic – the over-promiser – the head-in-the-clouds CEO – the over-communicator – the credit stealer…all individuals our listeners have listed as prime problems.  Host Bart Jackson thinks it’s a bout bloody time we put these pests in their proper place and out of your life for good.  Don’t cringe and pusillanimously foot.  Here are some solid, sure-fire, workable ways to fend off the annoyances who are a thorn in your neck. Tune in and laughingly learn how sweep away the stumbling blocks with some gentle, sweet revenge.  Oh, yes, this is a fun one.

Impossible People – Nixing ‘em, Fixing ‘em

Guest: Bart Jackson

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