Work Wit

All Aboard – My elevator pitch is brilliantly clever.  Trouble is, unless the elevator runs from Baltimore to Bangor, I can never finish it.

Biz Quiz:  If an entrepreneur is shipped to a desert island and told she can take only one book – which will she choose?

Answer: How to Build a Canoe.                          https://

Non-tech Webs – Networking is a gathering of impressively dressed men and women who climb upon each others’ backs hoping to better catch the scent of money.

Afterthought.  Networking is probably the only party you’ll ever attend in which you cross the threshold hoping that you are the least important person in the room.

The Worth of Wealth – The more money you make, the more people are inclined to believe you deserve it.

Afterthought: No one quite believes that their own salary aptly reflects their own personal wroth, but that doesn’t stop us from slathering envious admiration on those pulling down a lot more bucks than ourselves.

Work Wit

Guest: Ibrahima Souare