Does Your Website Pass The Test? Take This Quiz

Recently, I read some business pundit announcing that the Website is Passe….My friend, that assertion is total manure.  Well, Your website may be passé – But The website remains one of the primary and most effective business tools.  And from my own experience, allow me to recommend Mr. Rob Freda and his markedly creative firm – the Princeton Internet Group to hold to light your brand and your product in a way that – well just translates into profit.

So, let’s take a little website quiz – if you will

– Does your website present as well on massive wall screens and handheld phones?

– Does each web page have a call to action?

– And how about security – do you have the best deal from the most secure provider?

– Or – Are you thinking of expanding into a global position and need an experienced guide to give you an international web presence?

– And most vital – do you have an web expert always on call with whom you can sit down and work things out personally?

Princeton Internet Group has been translating cyberspace into dollar profit for both major corporations and small startups since 1995. They are the folks you need.

And for you listeners of The Art of the CEO today, Rob Freda is offering an absolutey free consultation – with makeover tips.  Just mention my name Bart Jackson – and despite that they will treat you politely and expertly.

You can connect with them by visiting

Does Your Website Pass The Test? Take This Quiz

Guest: Tosha Anderson


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