This week’s featured book

“In The Words of My Wife’s Husband”
This is your Complete Sourcebook of Business Humor for:

Clever Zingers, Quips, Wise Afterthoughts, Dialogues, & Razor-edged Rants all arranged by topic. (from financial foolishment to frustrating tech and CEOs)
Curmudgeopedia – A Devilishly Satiric Dictionary of Business Jargon.
Business Quotes – Ah-ha and Ha-ha wise bits from leaders ‘round the globe.
Along with a whole lot of just plain fun to share with friends. The resource for sparking up your next presentation and your guide to viewing business in a jocular vein.
What’s the Use? Author Bart Jackson’s essay “In Praise of Folly” offers a revealing look at the true value of humor in our working lives.

This week’s featured book

Guest: Laura Doherty


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