Prometheus Awards “Prepare to be Uplifted”

Pictured below are award recipients, from the right, are Jacque Howard, Lisa Orloff, Alfred Berkeley, Sheldon Himelfarb, Ramona Braganza, Mel Duncan, and host Bart Jackson.

“Prepare to be uplifted…” said Bart Jackson, founder of the Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards at the September 19th Awards Ceremony at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Hennessey Mansion, as each of the honorees stepped and spoke about the creative enterprise they founded that is beneficially transforming our world.

The Prometheus Awards are designed to recognize those unsung, exceptional individuals who have had the compassionate vision to witness a human need and have responded with an inventive  enterprise as a solution. “We slaunched the Prometheus Awards with the goal of establishing some new role models,” said Bart Jackson, “What I had never anticipated was the power that emerged from gathering all the honorees from around the globe, with guests and sponsors – the evening was truly a celebration of hope.”

Prometheus Awards “Prepare to be Uplifted”

Guest: C von Hassett