New Year Offerings from Speaking that Connects

New offerings at my studio!

2019 Programs for Professional & Personal Development

I’ve listened to your requests and am excited to tell you about Speaking that Connects’ new programs for 2019. With these four offerings, we’re sure to have a solution for the communication needs you desire to improve.

Rehearsals allows you to practice your presentation before a peer group and receive coach and peer feedback to refine your message and delivery.

If you feel you “uh” and “um” too often, there’s a small group format with a single individual coaching session to Drastically Reduce Uhs, Ums and other Fillers.

Creative ESL Conversation and Discussion is for professionals who want to improve their English confidence and conversation. I’ve developed a monthly session that uses speaker videotapes to stimulate understanding and expression.

Finally, my signature presentation training program, 4 Points of Connection, will provide the tools needed to develop speaker confidence, message clarity and audience connection.

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Speaking that Connects: Promoting Confidence, Clarity and Connection in Speakers Worldwide.

Communication skills are valuable for business relationships. To develop high interest presentations for you, your team or organization, please contact us for customized communication coaching and training.


Eileen N. Sinett
President and CEO
Speaking that Connects

Eileen N. Sinett is a communication expert who has provided individual coaching and group training for more than three decades. A gifted corporate trainer and cross-cultural communication facilitator, her humanistic, engaging and respectful approach empowers professionals to communicate with confidence, clarity and connection. Eileen has an MA in Speech Correction from Kean University, and a BS in Speech Pathology and the Speech Arts from Emerson College.

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New Year Offerings from Speaking that Connects

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