National Speakers Association NYC

Enmeshed in the warm exchanges and generously shared tips at the National Speakers Association – NYC chapter meeting last Friday, April 5, I quickly realized why this group is noted for its friendly atmosphere. If you’ve got something to say, here’s a fine group to broaden your megaphone. Yet as experienced and talented as all these speakers are, we were all Tsunamied by the tales, tips and engaging demonstrations by guest speaker Steve Spangler. This amiable magician’s son has blended innate talent with a bold mix of dogged persistence and creative fun to become very justifiably one of America’s most sought-after speakers, along with founding Steve Spangler Science, The virally popular Sick Science, Be Amazing Toys and many other projects to humorous to mention. Steve’s best speaking tip: “Don’t give the audience words or activity – give them an experience.”

National Speakers Association NYC

Guest: Laura Doherty


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