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Paula Brancato holds fingertip knowledge of all those financial avenues that every business owner needs, but probably hasn’t taken the time to learn.  For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan whereby your company’s eventual buyer begins pumping cash into your firm today – to make the entity stronger?  Creative strategies like this are what has set Paula as Northwestern Mutual Financial Services’ elite financial planers.  And her leadership abilities have brought her to be honored by Brava SmartCEO as one of the top female business leaders in 2015.  (And yes, it was her own staff who nominated her.)

Paula claims a long history of guiding owners and companies through the transfer stage profitably.  Her track record alone sets her above the hoard of fiscal advising counselors.  But Ms. Brancato’s true competitive edge lies in her personal humanity.  A former Hollywood stand-up comedian and author of the insightfully caring book of poems, For My Father, Paula is gently able to peel the onion and get at the most vital needs of her clients individually.  Nice to have planner who has a firm grip on fiscal toolbox, with ample human understanding to employ it with care.

Paula can be reached directly at 1-212-819-1800 ext. 6605 or at

Paula Brancato

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