Our Art of the CEO Guest Alumni — those masters of the business community who have shared their knowledge and the tales of their accomplishments on our show. These are the People You Need to Know!

Photo of Darrell Gunter

Darrell Gunter

Darrell Gunter is living proof that leadership is a most transferable quality in business.  From a career launch running the Gunter family grocery market, Darrell has spread his flexible and talented wings to hold such positions as National Sales Director…

Last heard on:
December 8, 2014 — Making Innovation More that a Buzzword

Photo of Howard Stoeckel

Howard Stoeckel

Mr. Howard B. Stoeckel serves as Vice Chairman of Wawa, Inc. Mr. Stoeckel served as the Chief Executive Officer of Wawa, Inc. He joined Wawa in 1987 as Vice President of human resources and was promoted to positions of increasing…

Last heard on:
December 2, 2014 — The Wizardry of Wawa

Photo of Alexandra Lajoux

Alexandra Lajoux

Alexandra Lajoux serves as Chief Knowledge Officer of the National Association of Corporate Directors.  Throughout her eclectic career, Dr. Lajoux has coached board members, her son’s baseball team, and Princeton university students in her comparative literature class.  You may find…

Last heard on:
December 2, 2014 — Building Socially Responsible Companies

Photo of Arturo Osorio

Dr. Arturo Osorio

Arturo Osorio has his guiding hand in every slice of the business community pie.  Professor of Urban Entrepreneurism and Global Business at the Rutgers University Business School, Dr. Osorio founded and engineers that university’s Undergraduate Entrepreneurship program. He holds fellowships…

Last heard on:
December 2, 2014 — Global Entrepreneur Week – How It’s Done

Photo of Marty Metro

Marty Metro

Marty Metro has achieved the near-unique entrepreneurial feat of resurrecting a company that was cratered and plunging into debt with his firm Used Carboard Boxes Company. Metro’s firm has bootstrapped itself from begging at banks for payroll, on up to becoming a highly…

Last heard on:
December 1, 2014 — Rising Profitably from the Ashes

Photo of James Burke

James Burke

James Burke has turned the standard Hollywood marketing on its overly-formulized head.  A former actor and producer of his own films, James realized how difficult it is for individuals to find the really outstanding movies and the films they personally…

Last heard on:
December 1, 2014 — Challenging and Marketing the Deep Sea