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Ilise Benun is the person you call when your service business needs better clients and more money.  Founder of Marketing Mentor, Ilise knows & shows the overall strategies required for the creative professional, freelancer or consultant to get the right word out and the right buyers coming in.  She wraps personal self-promotion, e-mail techniques, proper pricing, client/product valuation, website SEO, copywriting, e-commerce  and a host of other implements into each client’s custom-crafted marketing tool box. Little wonder  business owners claim that having Ilise on your side is “better than a fairy godmother.”

In addition to her nation-spanning speaking schedule and individual client coaching, Ilise has authored a host of industry-specific books for business folks ranging from musicians, entertainers, and designers, to manufacturers, techies, and aviation companies.  Her latest 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals in 2016 released this last Black Friday, blends her own quarter century experience with a score of other noted professionals.  ‘Tis about time somebody is trying to organize our marketing efforts.

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Mel Duncan engineers global peace.  While the rest of us are wishing, praying, and hoping for it, Mel and The Nonviolent Peaceforce he’s founded are making it happen in war-torn areas around the world.  Mel’s field operatives enter into warring regions totally unarmed and face down invading soldiers who enter bent on rape, pillage, massacre, and all the crimes of conflict.  Additionally, Nonviolent Peaceforce members are also sheparding and protecting war refuges – a population currently at its highest point since World War II.

Duncan’s approaches peace like any other major business project – as a vision to be achieved with persistent hard work and a flexible strategy that’s continually monitored and honed.  Before sending their courageous field operatives into a war zone, the Peaceforce team performs a grueling due diligence and alliance-building process.  Operatives, who are both men and women from dozens of nations, receive intensive training and continued support.  Is it working?  Ask the hundreds of women in South Sudan who are no loger facing gnag rape from maurading soldiers as they venture forth from their village to collect water and firewood.  Ask the thousands who owe their lives and protection to the Nonviolent Peaceforce.  After all, when the Dalai Llama and nine Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the entire United Nations, and many heads of state are all actively advocating for you, you must be doing something very, very good.

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