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Genevia Gee Fulbright is that wise, witty, and effervescent CPA who every major company seeks to have join their board of directors.  Head of Fulbright & Fulbright CPA firm of Durham North Carolina, she is the woman who routinely asks her clients, “ How can I help You enjoy what you do for a living?”

Genevia served on her first board in college, and garnered her first publicly traded bank board of directors seat by the tender age of 31.  And her list of boardroom credits has blossomed incredibly from there.  She broadened her own client offerings by holding a wealth of seminars, both through her own firm, and the National Association of Corporate Directors.

She has authored Make the Leap series including:

Shift form Corporate Worker to Entrepreneur; From Mom and Pop to Good Enough to Sell, and the soon to be released From Colleague to Boardroom Seat.

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Genevia Gee Fulbright

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