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Brian Todd makes sure that every person and firm that brings food to your plate does so with the correct information in their hands.  As veteran CEO and President of The Food Institute, Brian oversees the team of devoted researchers who make that organization the absolute final authority on all things from farm to fork.

Since 1928, The Food Institute has acted as the research department for its 60,000 food manufacturing and distributing members, along with governmental decision-makers.  Brian and his team cull through oceans of media, reports, and rumor to distill the nuggets of usable facts.  When, as is currently happening, the FDA comes out with new food labeling laws, Brian is the one who makes sure every food executive gets the message in cogent, useable form.

Brian has been working with The Food Institute for 36 years and serving as its head since 2002.  Every industry should have so reliable resource, able to put the latest, workably-packaged facts in the hands of its leaders.

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Brian Todd

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