Why Most Incentive Programs Fail Miserably

If you are very wise, or very greedy, or both, you want to give your team the very best incentives that encourage each member’s peak performance. Trouble is, that’s a surprisingly tough order. Most traditional reward systems motivate less than 10 percent of the staff. Further, not every individual gets absolutely inspired by the same enticement. CoreCentive sales director Tom Frederick joins host Bart Jackson to discuss the delicate art of designing an incentive program that boosts production, and the entire team’s morale. Employing uncommon sense, Tom discusses what elements are required to energize even the largest corporate teams, and why most popular programs end up being non-inclusive, carrot-dangling failures. (After Tom explains it, it all seems so obvious.) Tune in and learn how to make your workplace more exciting, profitable, and cohesive.

Why Most Incentive Programs Fail Miserably

Guest: Tom Frederick

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