Wattsamatter with Gen Z’s Today?

How do you think generations Y and Z should be educated and trained for entry into business? Host Bart Jackson invites educational changemaker Mark Perna who offers revolutionary ideas on how we should train our children – the purpose of colleges – and how better to fill business’s skills gap. What makes this episode such fun is that, while both Mark and Bart have a passionate concern for younger generations, they differ immensely on educational principles, strategies, and even goals. So tune in and watch them debate as the chalkdust flies. Mark, founding CEO of TFS Results (tools for schools) and author of Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations holds a more skills/career solution, while Bart, author of CEO of Yourselfand The Art of the CEO, concentrates on mind development and personal fulfillment. Here’s you chance to find some fodder to you forge your own beliefs.

Wattsamatter with Gen Z’s Today?

Guest: Mark Perna

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