Unified Community – Just Add Energy

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Trenton’s Strongest Booster, Jacque Howard lays out strategies for transforming housing blocks into supportive, alluring neighborhoods. This show includes an update on Trenton’s Library Box Program.

There is no wiser investment of your precious time and talent than in the community where you live.  There is no more sure-fire way to enrich your life than by enriching the plot of earth in which you dwell.  As living proof of this, Host Bart Jackson brings on the city of Trenton’s most active champion, Jacque Howard to lay out the best strategies for civic engagement.  Can you transform blocks of individual apartments and houses into a neighborhood where neighbors know each other, offer support, and share their many & off-the-wall talents with each other?  The tireless Mr. Howard boldly insists “Yes!” – and tells what he’s done – what you can do – and whom you may enlist to get the juggernaut rolling.  Tune in and find the hidden army that lives right around you.

Unified Community – Just Add Energy

Guest: Jacque Howard

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